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Sender Ramps release progression ramps for small, medium and large sends

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sender ramps expert adjustable progression ramp

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Sender Ramps has developed a new range of adjustable ramps for Mountain Biking, BMX, Scooters and Skating, where the transition can be switched from flat, to curved, to extra-curved, increasing the height of the take off. So, as your jumping skills progress, so does the ramp. As you improve, you can increase the height of the lip as your appetite to send it higher and further grows.

Sender Ramps Progression Range

sender ramps expert progression ramp top height

The Sender Ramps Progression range comprises three ramp setups; the Rookie, Advanced and Expert Ramps. Starting small, the Rookie ramp is 90cm long, with the lip height adjustable between 20cm and 35cm. Upping the ante, the Advanced Ramp has a 1.2 metre long transition, with the lip height adjustable between 35cm and 50cm. At the top end is the Expert Ramp with a 1.5 metre long transition and a height between 50cm and 65cm. 

sender ramps progression increased lip curvature height

The cool thing about these ramps is that, not only are you able to adjust the height, but also the curvature of the take off, tailoring the shape of the lip to the jump you have in mind. You can use them for hucking to flat, or double up on the ramps to build yourself a landing, too.

The ramps are about as versatile as your imagination; using the terrain around you, in combination with the ramp, you could fashion some pretty exciting step downs, step ups, and hip jumps if you were so inclined. 

sender ramp progression range rookie advanced expert

All the Sender Ramps get a hard wearing resin surface, said to be grippy in all conditions. Static weight limit for each of the ramps is 150 kg, but they’ve been tested successfully up to a dynamic weight limit of 450kg. The feet of the ramps are adjustable too, so you can level the ramp properly over uneven ground. The feet also have strategically positioned holes that you can slam pegs through to prevent the ramp slipping on grass. 

sender ramps expert progression ramp folded down

They can also be folded down, so they’re easier to transport from home. They’re pretty weighty, though. Constructed from 18 mm (13 Layer) Birch plywood and Stainless Steel Fixings, the Advanced Progression Ramp weighs a claimed 17.5 kg.

Pricing & Availability

The Rookie, Advanced and Expert Progression Ramps retail at $299.99 USD, $369.99 USD and $399.99 USD, respectively, direct from Sender Ramps USA.